Administration and Implementation

Administration and Implementation

The Implementation of the work of the Organization of Strong Women Alone (Ekal Nari Shakti Sansthan) is done mainly by the Single Women associated with the Organization. Experienced and long-time leaders get the work started in the Gram Panchayats of the State, train new leadership from amongst the Single Women who come forward, give direction and help in solving various kinds of cases affecting Single Women, liaise with other organizations and government functionaries in fulfilling the objectives of the Organization.

For the work throughout the state of Rajasthan, the Single Women Leaders’ numbers are:

State Level Single Women Leaders

70 +

Block Facilitators

102 +

Block, Gram Panchayat Level Leaders


The work in Rajasthan has 3 “clusters” – the Kota Cluster, the Udaipur Cluster, and the Jodhpur Cluster. There is 1 support team member per cluster.

The Block Facilitators meet monthly in a “Workers Meeting” at the headquarters of their “cluster”, along with the staff person coordinating that cluster. They report on how the work is going, problems, successes, special cases. They also plan for the coming month, and keep up-to-date about the work in the next 3 months.

The Staff overseeing and supporting the Single Women leaders is a small team of about 6-8 persons, headed by the Coordinating Director, all of whom help to implement the work planned, and support the Single Women Leaders in the field. The Executive Committee members, particularly the office bearers, work closely with this administration and implementation team.

Aside from the “Cluster” support team members, there is also an Accountant of the Organization, and from time to time as needed, subject matter support team members working on Women’s Land Rights, Single Women Farmers issues, documentation when needed, etc. But the main work is carried out by the Single Women themselves.