Ekal Nari Shakti Sansthan or the Organization of Strong Women Alone (OSWA), is an organization run by, for and with low-income Single Women in Rajasthan. The Governance structure reflects this reality.

The Base

The base of the Organization is made up of low-income Single Women who want to be part of OSWA, and spread the work. The associated Single Women are from all 33 Districts of the Indian state of Rajasthan, and they are the ones to take up cases, solve issues of violence, exploitation, health issues, etc. of the Single Women in their areas. They gain strength and self-confidence from their association with the Organization, and in many ways, feel it is an ”alternate family” for them.

Gram Panchayat Level Monthly Meetings

Meetings of Single Women are held monthly in over 575 Village Council areas, and almost always at least a few other village people attend to discuss problems and plan actions that will solve problems raised during the meetings. Announcements about training programmes, or up-coming events are made. Inspiring case studies of problems solved by Single Women of the Organization are read out and discussed. These monthly meetings are conducted by long-time Single Women leaders of the Organization, but after some time, some training, some experience, the leadership of the Gram Panchayat work is taken over by local Single Women who are now “new leaders” of the Organization.

Block Level Meetings

Whenever necessary, Single Women leaders associated with the Organization from the Gram Panchayats in 1 Block meet together to share experiences and solve problems that have arisen. They select 4 Single women to attend a District Level Meeting, held once in 3 years.

District Level Meetings

Most of the local problems are solved by the local people working together, at the Gram Panchayat and Block levels. District Level Meetings are held as and when necessary, and once in 3 years, they select 3 members from their District to be members of the State Level Meetings.

State Level Structures

There are 3 structures that meet at the State Level

  • State Level Committee Meeting - an informal structure called the “State Level Committee Meeting” which meets once every 4 months, to share work, highlight particularly successful case studies, to give advice about problem solving, and give suggestions for upcoming activities of the Organization.

  • General Body - a formal structure called the General Body which is made up of Single Women leaders from at least 60% of the Districts associated with the Organization. The General body meets at least once a year to approve the budget, and appoint the Auditors, hear the progress of the Organization in the previous year and approve the programme plans for the coming year. Once in 3 years, the General Body elects members to the Executive Committee of the Organization.

  • Executive Committee - a formal structure called the Executive Committee of the Organization, is made up of 11 low-income Single Women elected by the General Body. Of the 11 Single Women, 4 women are office bearers – President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. This Executive Committee meets at least 3 times a year, more often if necessary, and carries out the work assigned by the General Body, solves problems within the Organization, appoints the Coordinating Director of the Organization, raises funds, and generally carries out all administrative and required work of this state-wide Organization.